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My Motto

I not only care for children...I help nurture the creative genius in them!

Next Generation Day Care Story

I provide a caring and safe environment

where children can learn and grow and be treated with dignity

and have fun!


What distinguishes Next Generation Day Care from others?

Any day care can care for children but at

Next Generation Day Care

your child's talents and abilities will blossom

with careful channeling and encouragement.

Give your child a leg up in life at Next Generation Day Care!

I have 4 year olds who are already reading and doing math at a second grade level and enjoying it!


Unlike other day cares, at NexGen they will learn more than

just letters, colors and numbers.

As they grow, they will learn about their surroundings

and learn to communicate better

through elocution and sign language skills.


I have painstakingly hand-picked every toy, every piece of furniture, every learning tool. 

I have handcrafted several of the learning toys and

have custom made a huge flash card collection that just keeps growing as their interests keep growing! 

I employ a combination of the best  of teaching methods:

Montessori,  Waldorf,

and Heguru methods of teaching babies and toddlers

as well as my own style based off of

decades of experience.

I use a holistic approach to giving a child

an orientation to its world as it grows and develops

as well as academic achievements based off of

each child's abilities and desires so that they feel competent and proud!

I offer a full range of care for all ages and educational goals. 

I can help potty-train your toddler as well, so if your child will be facing that soon or needs help completing this step,

I have no problem helping them overcome this milestone in their life. 

At the very least I can prepare your child for Pre-K and Kindergarten

depending on your goals with your child as a parent. 

Ideally, I can employ my teaching methods to bring out their innate genius capabilities.


On the creative side, we enjoy a variety of art, dance, theatrics, music and crafts

as well as a good academic foundation while developing their exploratory nature... 

and we involve lots and lots of healthy play!

I also use encouraging and rewarding techniques that teach a child self-control, manners,

respect for self and others, and self correction. 

They learn to make decisions about their behavior in a positive atmosphere free of upset or punitive measures.

I encourage children of all ages to help others and be a contributing member of their family, the day care as a group and the world around them on gradients that each child can appreciate.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  With regards to the recent pandemic of covid-19 corona virus and the need for increased protection, for your safety and that of others, you can expect temperature checks before entering my home and also should be aware that the toys, surfaces, furniture, bathroom, doorknobs, etc. are sterilized daily and although social distancing is not appropriate considering their age, we do extra hand washings and visual health observations throughout each day to ensure if any illness occurs separation from others is as immediate as possible. 

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