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Next Generation Day Care


Exploratory Play!

Unlocking Curiosity

We have a large learning and play area with an unimaginable variety of toys and learning aids.


We have an ever-growing library of

flash cards, posters, games, puzzles,

and manipulatives for children

from birth to 7 years of age or more.


If you can think of something

a child would need to

learn, play or grow…we have it!

I use a variety of Montessori tools and Melissa & Doug brand toys

as well as a lot of my hand crafted learning tools!


We have a large back yard with a small swing and slide for toddlers and a large swing set and slide for preschoolers.


We have tricycles, balance bikes,

bicycles, and more.


From a few months old on, your child will start learning sign language and letter sounds and number quantities.

Your toddler will start learning

the words for things more and more

as he/she grows.


Toddlers will learn to

say more and more words

and learn to manipulate

toys and learning tools with their hands

to develop their hand-eye coordination and cognitive skills.


Learning the Alphabet!

From the Beginning

As a newborn up until a child can verbalize, your child will be surrounded by visuals of the alphabet and the sounds of other children learning the alphabet and reading skills.


Your child will start out by

FIRST learning the alphabet SOUNDS before they learn the names of the letters, which is vital in developing and early ability to read. 


Once that is mastered

they will graduate onto combining 2 letter sounds phonetically.


They will also learn the American Sign Language alphabet sounds. 


They will play with magnetic letters,

play letter games and do activities so that they

associate pleasure and fun with learning and letters.

Phonics and Reading!

Literacy starts at an early age!

Letter Sounds

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

A Perfect Beginning

They will progressively learn

2-letter sounds

(consonant paired with a short vowel)

 through the whole alphabet. 

Then they will learn 3 and 4 letter words. 

They will learn to identify sight words

(words that can't be sounded out phonetically). 

They will match word cards with objects

around the house and more.

Story Time

Image by Catherine Hammond

For All Ages

STORY TIME is a constant in my day care

and is done with great characterization

as well as encouraging questions

and interaction so that they

fully engage in this activity!


I want them to not only learn from it

but learn to create and imagine and

associate great pleasure and joy from reading. 

This encompasses a plethora of cognitive development! 


This is a vital tool in nurturing

a child's love of reading!


Image by Josh Applegate

As Your Child Grows

Of course as the child progresses,

there will be activities, games

and workbook fun 

that will encourage

and develop further reading

and writing skills.

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