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Pricing made easy!



I have developed a pricing system that is easy and affordable. 

It is geared to promote the high quality service I provide

as well as materials, supplies and myself as a well trained day care provider. 

It is meant to uphold the high standards and enable you as a parent to be stress free.

The less stress a parent has the better they are able to parent and it is mirrored in each child's behavior.

Meal costs are separate and as each child's meal needs may differ,

please contact me for meal pricing and arrangements if desired. 

I am willing to work with each individual to make sure their experience benefits

the child and considers your economical status so it is as stress free as possible.

The below price is based off of a 5-full weekday basis.

No matter the age of your child, the price is all the same.

There are sibling discounts available.

$1,150.00 per month

Zero late fees!

A Last Word on Pricing

I believe it is as vital for the parent to be as stress free as possible.

You shouldn't have worry about late fees or whether their child is getting good quality care. 

So, I have tried to make the pricing as simple as possible. 

No age discrimination, no levels of care, etc. 

All children of all ages will get quality one-on-one care at the same price. 

I also have a review page filled with parents and friends attestations that can help ensure

you feel confident that your child is getting

the best care possible!

*week to week payments are due on the Friday before the next enrollment week

in order to secure the child's spot.

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